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Politics vs. Logic

August 11, 2008

Politics has never been kind to logic. And political campaigns, especially American Presidential campaigns, have always been absolute anathema to logical analysis and coherent rhetoric. Most people have built-in defense mechanisms to protect themselves from the really obvious fallacies, but the prevalence and persistence of email spam is a clear indication that the general defense against fallacious presentation is faulty at best, and hopeless at worst.

A good starting place to sharpen your logical analysis skills is the “Introductory Logic” summary at

This concise, punchy instant tutorial on logic is my favorite reference weapon when dealing with political spin doctors, religious zealots, and chiropractic mumbo-jumbo. Check it out, and join us smug, self-righteous few who delight in highlighting the logical fallacies of those who “think” with their guts instead of their brains.


Oh yeah…. “Blog”….

August 11, 2008

Hmmm…. Looks like this place has been sorely neglected. Well, things are changing around here. Stay tuned for sporadic updates. There’s another neglected Jerry blog at that probably bears watching, too. I’ll have to figure out how to sharpen the focus of these two blogs, and get them energized. The “business model” for blogging, it seems, could use some revision.