“Roll your own” vs. “Go with the flow”

We old-line web types are used to coding our own tools, hand-coding web pages to handle the display, and hacking up CGI scripts to do the processing. But when your server goes down, the whole works is out of business.

Now we’ve got everything already done, and almost all of it free. Blogs (like this one), email, forums, wikis, forms processing, shopping carts (from product display through credit card processing and customer relations handling)…. Everything you could ever want, all of the gain with none of the pain.

It’s kind of like cooking. You can make from scratch, or just pop open a microwave carton. But, is the real satisfaction in the eating, or in the preparing?


One Response to ““Roll your own” vs. “Go with the flow””

  1. Gary Seviour Says:

    I think the cooking metaphor is a good one. I enjoy eating food prepared by myself , and the satisfaction is high. I also love to eat food prepared by other people. Pre-made stuff can be good too, but ready meals (or TV dinners) just don’t cut it for me (I’m also very fussy and have strict requirements when it comes to the ingredients).

    As for coding, I much prefer to do things my own way (maybe its an ego thing). I have yet to find a shopping cart that does things how I want, and picking my way through someone elses sludge is not my cup of tea.

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