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No “skins” please, I’ll keep what I have

July 29, 2006

This blogging software suite, like most browser and windowing software these days, offers a variety of “themes” or “skins”. Apparently some people feel compelled to fancy-up their computing environment, probably in the mistaken belief that being “different” is tantamount to being “superior”. It ain’t so, especially since the “different” is shared by everyone else choosing that theme or skin.

I guess I just don’t get it, but I’m deeply convinced that good looks (or just “different” looks) is inadequate compensation for flawed or vapid content. I would think anyone exposed to the current deluge of TV, magazine, and web coverage of the daily antics of Hollywood celebrities would have to conclude that “cute doesn’t cut it”.


“Roll your own” vs. “Go with the flow”

July 28, 2006

We old-line web types are used to coding our own tools, hand-coding web pages to handle the display, and hacking up CGI scripts to do the processing. But when your server goes down, the whole works is out of business.

Now we’ve got everything already done, and almost all of it free. Blogs (like this one), email, forums, wikis, forms processing, shopping carts (from product display through credit card processing and customer relations handling)…. Everything you could ever want, all of the gain with none of the pain.

It’s kind of like cooking. You can make from scratch, or just pop open a microwave carton. But, is the real satisfaction in the eating, or in the preparing?

YAOSR – Yet Another Opportunity for Self-Reinvention

July 27, 2006

Saturday, 21 July 2006, the web site disappeared. The site host,, had suffered another all-too-frequent crash, this time corrupting the server and backup files for two servers. Let’s see what it takes to get back up and running….

FTP now working, so I can rebuild the site from scratch. No email connection yet. cPanel “works”, but no more Fantastico apps, and the built-in CGI, like guestbooks and formmail, is not fully functional.

In the meantime, welcome to Muelver’s Mullings!